The decision for or against an individual therapy is ideally made jointly by the physician / surgeon and patient. It is based primarily on the level of risk and the benefits of therapy are assessed.

To determine the risk of therapy or postoperative complications formal, this DGAV risk calculator is offered. This tool is based on the data of a plurality of patients and the treatment options from the registers StuDoQ|colon cancer and StuDoQ|rectal cancer Additionally, the physician enters the data of the currently being treated in the risk calculator, so that at the end there is a quantitative measure of an individual's risk of adverse complications of a specific therapy. It is important that the individual patient data are carefully entered by the attending physician and based on this risk report from the doctor interpreted correctly and the patient is sufficiently explained.

Formally this DGAV risk calculator represents a statistical model which calculates the probability of a patient with specific individual risk factors, postoperative suffer a certain complication or a complication pattern. That statistical evidence of the risk of complications in the patients in question are determined.

It is important to note that the calculated complication pattern represents a statistical value that does not have to occur in individual patients and that complications can arise, which are not represented by DGAV risk calculator.

The DGAV is not responsible for medical decisions that were made based on the calculations. The calculator has to provide information only goal, and does not replace the advice or recommendations of the surgeon.